We're digital health ready and here to support you.

Our Pharmacy 777 Pharmacists and team members are committed to continue supporting you with the latest developments in digital health care. In a year unlike anything we've seen before, patient health care has needed to adapt and speed up how to reach you remotely or at home.

Digital health access makes it easier for you to access your medication when you need it, whether you're in-Pharmacy, or need support from home or are travelling or working remotely and have had a Telehealth consult with a GP.

To improve the convenience and as necessity, the Australian Department of Health together with the Digital Health Agency have rolled out a number of e-health support measures such as My Health Record, Telehealth and ePrescriptions.

About Electronic Prescriptions

E-Scripts, also known as electronic prescriptions, are an alternative to paper* prescriptions and allow you more choice and convenient access to medicines. An eScript is electronically generated by your GP and sent directly to your mobile phone (via SMS) or email. You can access your script from your mobile phone or email and it can be used in the same way as a paper prescription.

*Remember, you can still receive a paper prescription if you choose.

All Pharmacy 777 locations can dispense eScripts in the form of a token.

If interested in having eScripts, please check that your Doctor is able to provide an electronic prescription and ensure that your Doctor and pharmacy have your correct mobile number, email address, and residential address.

The roll out of electronic prescriptions is still under way, and not all GPs may be set up to offer this option. Please chat with your GP to see if eScripts are available to you.

How it works

  • An eScript is electronically generated by your GP and sent directly to your mobile phone (via SMS) or email as a unique encrypted QR barcode (token) for each prescription, enabling convenient access to your scripts from your mobile phone or email.
  • Present your token on your mobile or a printed copy from your email when you visit, and your Pharmacist will scan the token to unlock the eScript. 
  • You can also choose how to have your prescription delivered via a medication app or by contacting your local 777 for home delivery.
  • Once your eScript is filled, your token is no longer valid. 
  • If you have any repeats, a new token will automatically be sent to you when your prescription is dispensed, which you can have filled next time you are in pharmacy.
  • At all times, your details are kept confidential and safe.

For further support and information, please ask your 777 Pharmacist. 

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