Got your flu shot?

Ask your Pharmacist about your flu vaccination.

It’s very important to not only protect yourself but also those around you who may have weakened immune defences or those unable to be vaccinated to help fight the spread of the influenza virus.

Timing is important to ensure you have the highest level of protection when the flu season arrives.


Pharmacy 777 Pharmacists encourage everyone in the community to fight the flu and get vaccinated.

The Australian flu season is usually from June to September, with the peak being around August.

The influenza vaccination typically protects against the flu virus for roughly 3-4 months so please ensure to discuss with your 777 Pharmacist or Doctor about the best time for you to be vaccinated. 


We encourage you to protect your family, influenza vaccinations are now available for children aged 10 and over*, administered by our trained Pharmacists in W.A.* and 16 years and over in by 777 Pharmacists in S.A and N.S.W**

A specially formulated Government funded flu vaccine, for patients aged 65 years and over, is also available. (subject to vaccine availability, pharmacy consultation fee applies).


Make your appointment today with your local Pharmacy 777 Flu Clinic:

For flu vaccinations during pregnancy, please make an appointment with your Doctor. 

*Applicable only in Western Australia and Tasmania. For flu vaccinations for those aged 9 years or younger, please make an appointment with your Doctor. 

**In other states, please see your Doctor for flu vaccinations for those aged 15 years or younger. 

Are you winter ready?

  • Flu vaccination
  • Immune support
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Blanket, scarf and warm cuppa

Plus, if you have Asthma, do you:

  • Know your asthma score?
  • Have a written asthma action plan?
  • User your puffer through a spacer?