MedsCheck is ideal for anyone who takes 5 or more prescription medications or has had a recent significant medical event.


MedsCheck offers a FREE one on one consultation with your Pharmacist in-store to review and discuss the best ways to manage and the get the most out of your medicines.

It focuses on education and self management and aims to:

  • Give you a better understanding of your medicines
  • Make you feel more confident that you are taking the right medicines at the right time
  • Ensure that your medicines are working for you
  • Provide you with a documented “Action Plan”


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Diabetes MedsCheck

A Diabetes MedsCheck provides an in-pharmacy review of medications with a focus on your type 2 diabetes medicines management, monitoring devices, education and self-management. Ideal for newly diagnosed patients or those with poorly controlled blood sugar levels.

This service aims to:

  • Optimise effective use of medicine through improving understanding of, and compliance with, your diabetes medication therapy;
  • Improve effective use of blood glucose monitoring devices through training and education;
  • Improve blood glucose control; and
  • Reduce your risk of developing complications associated with type 2 diabetes.

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