Supporting your health at home

We understand it’s not always possible to visit your Doctor or Pharmacist in person. With Telehealth and our free Express Delivery service, you can have your medication delivered to you direct at home.

Telehealth is part of the National Health Plan and supports patients who cannot reach their GP in person due to illness, mobility issues or physical distance. The combination of Telehealth and Express Delivery, means you can now access your medications from the safety and comfort of your own home.

To use Telehealth and Express Delivery*:

  • Check your Prescriber supports Telehealth**
  • Consult with your Prescriber by phone or video
  • Ask for your prescription to be emailed or faxed directly your nearest Pharmacy 777
  • Contact us to confirm your delivery and contact details
  • Your medication will be delivered to you at home.

Talk to your 777 Pharmacist about how we can support you with this service.


*Find out more about our delivery service
**Telehealth services are available to all Australians with a Medicare card.

Concession card holders will be bulk-billed for all telehealth consultations.