Travel Health

Travelling soon?

Your Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist can support you through every stage of travel, helping you to prepare in the lead up, as well as recovering when you’re home.  

Our pharmacists can provide personalised travel advice and support to help you to stay well while travelling.

Our services include:

Preparing to travel?

When preparing to travel, there are many things to consider, with your health being the most important. We recommend you check in with your Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist 4-6 weeks before your journey to ensure you are prepared for wherever your travels may take you..  

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Navigating jetlag can prove challenging when travelling between different time zones. You may require some support to get your sleeping pattern back to normal and in the right time zone. 

Talk to your Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist about a compounding solution to support you with jetlag. 

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