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Your 777 Pharmacist can resupply the Oral Contraceptive Pill

Pharmacists working in community pharmacy can now resupply approved oral contraceptive pills (OCP) in defined circumstances. The objective is to enable women timely and convenient access to refill their oral contraceptive pill.


Do you take the Oral Contraceptive Pill?

Your 777 Pharmacist can resupply this for you without a prescription*. Talk to your 777 Pharmacist to see if you are eligible.
*Terms & Conditions Apply.

If you are between these ages

  • WA – 16-39 years
  • VIC – 16-50 years
  • SA – 17 – 50 years
  • NSW – 18-35 years

And if you’ve run out of repeats or your script has expired and you have seen your GP within the last two years you may be eligible.

Note other terms and conditions apply, including certain approved oral contraceptive pills.

Your pharmacist will conduct a private consultation with you to determine your eligibility which covers a risk assessment and measurement of your blood pressure and body mass index. Consultation fee applies in WA and SA.

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