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At Pharmacy 777, your support makes a difference to your community.

We understand how much your community means to you, that’s why at Pharmacy 777, we’re passionate about making a difference.

Our Community Spirit Program began as a way for our pharmacies to give back to their local and wider communities and to support everyone who supports them.

As a Community Spirit member, you can help make a difference just by visiting your local Pharmacy 777 - because every time you visit us and make a transaction*, you will be supporting your pharmacies chosen community program. 

These community programs are different for each pharmacy, but all have one thing in common – they matter to your pharmacy and your local community.

To become a Community Spirit Member, complete the online form or visit your local Pharmacy 777 and ask the team how you can sign up and help make a difference.



See how you give back:


For every transaction* you make, part proceeds from every dollar will be given back to the pharmacies chosen group.


This contribution accumulates over a 6-month period and funds raised will support causes at the heart of your local and wider community.


To say thank you, we will reward our top Community Spirit Givers each year.

Frequently asked questions about our program.

  • How can I join the membership program?

    You can sign up online or alternatively visit your local Pharmacy 777 and talk to the team on how to join. 

  • Can I sign up online?

    Yes you can. Simply complete the form online to become a member of our Community Spirit Program. Once you have submitted your application, please visit the Pharmacy 777 location that you specified to collect your member card. 

  • How do I find out which group my pharmacy is supporting?

    You can contact or visit your local Pharmacy 777 to see which group they are supporting. You can also look at their Facebook.

  • How are proceeds accumulated?

    For every transaction* you make, 5% of every dollar will be given back to the pharmacies chosen cause. These proceeds are accumulated over a 6-month giving cycle.

  • Can any group or person be a Community Spirit partner?

    Unfortunately, no. Community Spirit has selection criteria, and all partners are subject to review by the Pharmacy 777 Group before approval. 

    As part of the criteria we cannot support individuals, personal projects, third party giving programs or fundraising platforms. 

    In addition, all groups require an ABN to be eligible and must have a connection to the local pharmacy’s community.

*Excludes prescriptions, already discounted items and Health Services.
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