Together, we can change the face of mental health in our community. 

  • 1 in 25 of us will experience depression this year
  • 45% of us will develop a mental health issue sometime in our life
  • 50% of those with mental health issues fail to adhere properly to their medication

Non-compliance with prescribed medication is a major contributing factor to the extent of mental health problems in our community today. Discomfort from side effects, complex dosages, advice of non-professionals and even feeling better can cause problems with seeing through on a clinician’s prescribed treatment.

The fact that so many people fail to adhere properly to their medication demonstrates how valuable the right advice and support can be in turning this situation around. To successfully manage their condition, a patient may need to be on medication for 6 to 12 months or longer. It is important that people understand the importance of staying on their medication for the full duration their doctor has advised and to consult their doctor on how to safely stop taking their medication when the time comes. 

Get to know your Pharmacist. 

Sam Afsar, Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist, understands the leading role Pharmacists can play in improving patient medication compliance. “We must build trust with the patient and their carer/s to aid doctors, psychiatrists and other health professionals take care of the patient’s mental health.”

Leading Perth psychiatrist Dr Dennis Tannenbaum agrees, giving the Pharmacy 777 service his endorsement: “Do not underestimate the importance of what this program will achieve. Do not underestimate how important Pharmacists are to the patient’s care. As the Pharmacist may have more contact with the patient they can have a great impact.” 

Pharmacy 777 aims to improve communication between Pharmacists, patients and their health care team to support patient mental health concerns. 

With the goal of delivering positive health outcomes to improve people’s quality of life, we are committed to a collaborative approach between health professionals providing support, together. 


Let us be there for you. 

We can answer your health questions, provide referrals to other healthcare providers and support the treatments prescribed by clinicians.


You’re not alone.

Please talk to your Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist. 

We’re here for your health, for life.


We take your wellbeing to heart.

That’s why most of our 777 Pharmacists and team members have Mental Health First Aid qualifications. 

We can assist you with managing your medications and we offer same day, free express delivery weekdays within our pharmacies’ local areas*.


*selected pharmacies, see delivery information for details