Your health information, accessible online.

My Health Record is a secure online summary of your key health information which can be viewed by you and the team of health care professionals involved in your care who you choose to share your information with.

My Health Record is designed to equip Pharmacists with the additional information that is often needed to provide better patient care, especially during transition of care (from the community to the hospital and vice versa) when medication errors are most likely to occur. 

My Health Record provides a platform for a holistic approach, tailored advice, and better care coordination. Using My Health Record supports you and all the members of your healthcare team in achieving a common goal – optimum and meaningful health outcomes, especially in the presence of chronic and complex conditions.

The My Health Record system can: 

  • Provide a more complete picture of your health through timely access to key health information. This enables safer care and assists the Pharmacist in making better clinical decisions. 
  • Enhance delivery of Medication Management services (MedsChecks, Home Medicines Review) through access to valuable clinical information and to your entered information. 
  • Improve efficiency of professional services, such as Medication Reconciliation or changes to Dose Administration Aids, by reducing time spent gathering information from multiple sources. 
  • Help the Pharmacist to tailor their advice to you based on relevant and recent information. 
  • Support continuity of your care. 
  • Support collaboration with your GP and other health professionals in your care team.

My Health Record is designed to fit seamlessly within your current experience in our pharmacies. 

Simply inform your Pharmacist that you have an active My Health Record and ask if the pharmacy can update your records.

If you do not have an active My Health Record, please talk to your Pharmacist, or visit https://www.myhealthrecord.gov.au/


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