Been to hospital or planning to go?

At Pharmacy 777 we understand that your health care journey continues after you leave hospital.

That’s why our Pharmacists, in collaboration with your health care team, are here to provide you with post-hospital support and advice to ensure you are supported through your ongoing recovery. 



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About this service.

Your health journey doesn’t stop once you leave the hospital. Adjusting to home life once you’ve been discharged takes time. Ensuring you have access to support at home is key to transitioning your care. 

You may be taking new medications or experiencing pain or discomfort since leaving hospital. As medication specialists, 777 Pharmacists can help you understand what medications you are taking and why, and ensure you have the best plan in place to manage your medications and support you.

Our Out of Hospital Support service consultation takes just 20 minutes. During this appointment your 777 Pharmacist will find out why you went into hospital, what your GP or Specialist’s post-hospital treatment plan is and how you are tracking since being discharged. Your 777 Pharmacist also works with you to review your current medications, discuss pain management support, provide advice and recommendations, and connect with your health care team to support your ongoing recovery. We can also support you at home with services such as home delivery.

*Express Delivery service is not available at Quality Pharmacy 777 Heaths Road 

What to expect?

In the initial 20 minute consultation, the Pharmacist will go through your Specialist or GP’s treatment plan, which may include reviewing your Hospital Discharge Summary, reviewing all prescriptions, documenting upcoming appointments and talking through how you are tracking since leaving hospital. 

The Pharmacist’s primary role is to review your medications and ensure a plan is in place for your medication management.
Supporting you in your complete health care journey, your Pharmacist may connect with your GP or Specialist, and other health care providers, to deliver improved health outcomes.

After your initial consultation, the Pharmacist will schedule additional follow-up appointments to track your progress and support you. This can be done with you or your carer by phone or in the pharmacy, so you can continue to ask questions and feel supported with your medicine management.


Getting started.

Book your private Out of Hospital Support Consultation today or talk to your 777 Pharmacist.


If you're in SA or NSW, click here to contact your pharmacy.

What is the cost?

Our Out of Hospital Support service is $40. 


As part of the new HBF Member Value offer, our Out of Hospital Support service is free of charge for eligible WA HBF Members ($40 for non-HBF members). 

WA HBF Members can visit us to access a range of convenient health services and benefits. 
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Frequently asked questions about the program.

  • Who can benefit from this service?

    Anyone who has had a hospital admission or outpatient procedure is eligible for this service.
    The service benefits those who have been prescribed new or different medications and those who may require after care support such as mobility aids, which can be provided via the pharmacy. We also support carers who are looking after someone leaving hospital.


  • How can I prepare for my appointment?

    To ensure your pharmacist can give you the best advice, please bring the following to your first appointment: 

    - all prescription medicines you are currently taking, including all prescriptions
    - all vitamins and supplements you are currently taking 
    - your blood glucose meter and/or dose administration aid (if you have one) 
    - any injection devices you use 
    - Hospital Discharge Summary 
    - Medication List


  • Will my information be shared?

    As part of this service, we may contact other health care providers involved as part of your care plan. 

    Read the terms and conditions and privacy information here.



  • What is the eligibility criteria?

    There is no eligibility restrictions for this service. Anyone who has recently left hospital is eligible. 

    Read the terms and conditions and privacy information here.



Terms & Conditions