Let us support you and those you care for

Caring for an older person or loved one?

At Pharmacy 777, your trusted Pharmacist can guide you throughout your healthcare journey, offering personalised health advice for you and those you care for. 

Being a carer can be very rewarding, but it can also impact your time and capacity to prioritise your own health. 

We’re here to help you and those you care for with: 

Carer Mode on the Medication App

MedAdvisor is an app which helps you manage your medications, you can: 

  • See details of scripts (repeats, supply details etc.)
  • Set script reminders
  • Order prescriptions 
  • Manage medications and prescriptions for people you care for (Carers mode). 

Carer Mode allows a user to assist family members with their medication management by adding their information to the carers MedAdvisor account. The carer can have access to all features on behalf of the person they are caring for, for example a person caring for their elderly parent. 

Talk to your 777 Pharmacist to activate the app. 

Find out more about the Medication App.