Nurse Practitioner 

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses who are authorised to assess, diagnose, treat, prescribe and refer patients within their approved scope of practice.

They are skilled and valuable members of the healthcare team and can assist with the overflow of patients who need basic health services in more efficient ways. They are focused on improving access to treatment and health outcomes while providing efficient, cost-effective care, and they collaborate with other nurses, pharmacists, GPs, specialists, and allied healthcare professionals to provide flexible and responsive health services. 

Why see a Nurse Practitioner? 

When securing an appointment with your GP is not practical seeing a Nurse Practitioner can be a convenient and effective solution. You can receive the holistic care you need and extra support from the doctors can be organised in a more opportune time.

A reason to book an appointment with a nurse practitioner could be:

  • renewing prescriptions repeats
  • assessment and management of wounds including removal of stitches
  • assessment and management of sprains and strains, ached and pains, or other acute concerns
  • bladder health management
  • skin health management
  • digestive health management
  • sexual and reproductive health management
  • ongoing management of asthma and COPD
  • continuing the care maintained with your current treating GP

Private billing costs may apply.
Enquiries about Bulk billing availability can be directed to individual clinics.


Nurse Practitioners are available at: