Ask your 777 Pharmacist about the MedAdvisor app.

Our pharmacies have an online App available to help you manage your medications and organise support at home.

  • This service is available for those that leave their Scripts On File at Pharmacy 777.
  • Your Pharmacist can provide you with an Activation Code to activate the App service. 
  • Once you have activated the App, you can use the App to organise reminders, refill your prescriptions, request home delivery and more. 

If setting up remotely for the first time, please follow these steps as a guide:




  • To get started download MedAdvisor app from the App store or Google Play from the links below. 



  • Once downloaded, choose your Pharmacy 777 location.
  • To activate the App, please use the Code your Pharmacist has given you
  • or contact them for your Activation Code for the App.
  • Please note: a code can only be provided if the pharmacy has your details and Scripts On File.