Pharmacy 777 Compounding Network

Medication Compounding for patients

Our specialist compounding Pharmacists work collaboratively with you and health care professionals to suit your individual needs and with over 60 locations, our Compounding Network ensures that you are fully supported.  

Compounded medication assists with a variety of conditions and requirements, including:

Compounded medicines are prescribed by doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other health care professionals who are registered in Australia. 


Our Compounding Network offers:

  • PCCA accredited specialty Pharmacists and technicians
  • State of the art facilities and equipment
  • Access to the most comprehensive formula databases
  • Only the highest quality, certified pharmacopeial ingredients


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Could Medication Compounding benefit me?

  • Do you have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules?
  • Do you use multiple medications on a regular basis?
  • Do you suffer allergic reactions to preservatives or dyes in your medication?
  • Do you find it difficult to get your child to take his/her medication because he/she hates the taste of it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then compounding may be of benefit to you.

What is Medication Compounding?

Many people experience problems with the medications they are prescribed. Some drugs are not available in the strength required by patients, some patients are allergic to various ingredients in their medication and some have trouble swallowing capsules and tablets.

To alleviate these problems a Compounding Pharmacist can customise your medication to meet your specific needs.

With your Doctor's consent, a Compounding Pharmacist can:

  • Tailor the strength of your medication to your individual requirements;
  • Combine multiple prescriptions into a single dosage;- Alter the form of your medication to make it easier to ingest;
  • Add flavourings to your medication to make it more palatable; or,
  • Provide your medication in a more suitable form such as:
    • A lozenge;
    • A spray; or,
    • A gel.

What kind of prescriptions can be compounded?

Almost any kind of medication can be compounded. If you would like further information, please talk to your Doctor or Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist.

How can I place a compounding order?

If you have a compounding prescription, you can place your order by contacting one of our Pharmacy 777 Compounding labs:

Or contact any one of our pharmacies who are part of our Compounding Network.

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Did you know?

We’re members of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA).

PCCA are a licensed supplier of compounding ingredients. PCCA Membership gives Pharmacy 777 pharmacies access to over 8,000 formulations and technical support.

Pharmacy 777 Applecross is the ONLY compounding chemist in WA
to have the PCCA Compounding Pharmacy standards tick of approval.


The staff at Pharmacy 777 Applecross are specialised in medication compounding techniques and can provide professional advice on how you can make taking your medication easier. The PCCA quality standard relates to the professional practice of the compounding pharmacist, the facilities, the equipment, the ingredients, the personnel, the documentation of procedures and protocols and the Quality assurance systems. Specifically you can be confident that we:

  • Use only certified pharmacopoeial grade ingredients
  • Record the batch number and expiry date of every single ingredient used to make your medication
  • Have PCCA fully trained compounding pharmacists and technicians
  • Have specialised equipment calibrated regularly following a documented maintenance program
  • Completed products are validated through regular testing by an independent laboratory

Quality is our number 1 objective, that’s why we follow the strictest quality standards in Australia.
From beginning to end, the entire process ensures you receive the highest quality product consistently every time.