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Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with OSA and recommended CPAP therapy, or you’ve been undergoing CPAP treatment for some time, we can help.
From offering CPAP machine trials, to providing personalised, ongoing support and advice, we can assist you in getting the best results from your CPAP therapy.

About this service.

If the results from your sleep study show moderate or severe OSA, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy may be recommended by a sleep physician. Pharmacy 777 offer a CPAP trial which is designed to support you in finding the most appropriate CPAP equipment, best fitting mask, and most suitable machine settings. If you already have a machine, we can help you with masks and consumables to optimise your CPAP therapy.

What is CPAP therapy?

CPAP (pronounced "see-pap") stands for "continuous positive airway pressure." Positive airway pressure therapy is the most effective non-invasive treatment for OSA. CPAP systems consist of a flow generator, air tubing, and a mask (usually a nasal mask). The flow generator pushes air through the tubing and nasal mask. The air passes through your nose and into your throat, where the slight pressure keeps your upper airway open. The low air pressure does not interfere with breathing - though some people need a few nights to get used to the sensation of positive airflow. Many clinicians describe this therapy as a pneumatic splint - literally an air splint to hold your throat open.


What does a CPAP trial involve?

The trial involves 3 consultations with a 777 Pharmacist over 4 weeks. At your first appointment, your Pharmacist will explain CPAP therapy to you and give you a trial CPAP machine and accessories to use. It is recommended to use the machine at home every night for 2 weeks.
After 2 weeks, you’ll return to the pharmacy for a second appointment. Your Pharmacist will review your sleep data and adjust the settings on your trial CPAP machine accordingly. You then use the machine at home every night for a further 2 weeks.
At the end of 4 weeks you’ll return to the pharmacy for a final appointment. You must return the trial CPAP machine and accessories at this appointment. If the trial was successful, and you decide to purchase your own CPAP machine and accessories, your Pharmacist can help you with selection.

Booking a CPAP trial.

Book a quick 15-minute free sleep health consultation or talk to your 777 Pharmacist to see if a CPAP trial is right for you. 

Please note that if a CPAP Trial is deemed appropriate at this consultation your pharmacist will schedule in a separate appointment with you. Please talk to your 777 Pharmacist if you have any questions.




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Frequently asked questions about our sleep services.

  • What is CPAP therapy?

    Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is a common treatment for moderate to severe OSA. The equipment has 3 basic parts. The first is an air pump. The second is a mask that covers the nostrils or nose and sometimes the mouth. The third is a tube to link the pump and mask. The pump takes air from the room and gently pressurises it. The air blows through the tube and mask into the throat. The pressure of the air keeps the throat open while you are asleep.

  • Can I participate in the CPAP trial?

    The Pharmacy 777 CPAP trial is available to anyone aged 18 years or over who has been recommended CPAP therapy by a qualified sleep physician as treatment for OSA. The trial often follows a Pharmacy 777 Home Sleep Study however, if you already have proof of a recommendation for CPAP therapy from a qualified sleep physician, you may not need to participate in a study.

  • HBF Member benefit on CPAP machine?

    HBF Health members may be able to claim a benefit on the cost of purchasing a CPAP machine depending on their Extras product. To find out if you’re eligible visit your nearest HBF branch or call HBF on 133 423.


  • How do I book a CPAP trial?

    Speak to your local 777 Pharmacist to book a CPAP trial, or book in an initial 15-minute consultation here.


  • What do I bring to my CPAP appointment?

    For your initial appointment, if you have not participated in a Pharmacy 777 Home Sleep Study, you may need to provide proof of a recommendation for CPAP therapy from a qualified sleep physician prior to commencing the trial. Once you have begun your trial, you will need to bring your CPAP machine and accessories to all subsequent appointments.

  • How much does the CPAP trial cost?

    Our CPAP trial costs $350, however if you’re an HBF Health member it will only cost $300*. This price includes the hire of a trial CPAP machine, accessories for 4 weeks, and 3 consultations with a 777 Pharmacist.
    *Exclusive price for HBF Health members only.

  • Is there a Medicare rebate for the CPAP trial?

    There are no Medicare rebates available for the CPAP trial.

  • Can I get a refund once I have paid for the CPAP trial?

    No refunds are available once you have started the trial. Please discuss your suitability for the trial with your 777 Pharmacist prior to commencing, to ensure it is right for you.