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Post COVID many of us are exploring overseas again and enjoying getting back out into the world, whether that’s to re-connect with family and friends or to explore a new corner of the globe. 

But time and time again people get sick, either as soon as they step off a plane or when they finally slow down due to exhaustion. 

“As many as 43%-79% of travellers to low-and middle-income countries become ill with a travel-associated health problem. *”  
“The best thing you can do to avoid catching Covid or the flu while flying is still to wear a snug fitting surgical mask and use hand sanitiser,” advised Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist Jacqueline Tan. 
“We encourage anyone travelling to check in with your local 777 Pharmacist six to eight weeks before leaving, to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your holiday and stay well.” 
To help you ‘travel healthy’ here’s Pharmacy 777’s top tips to avoid getting sick: 
1. Make sure vaccines are up to date.  
If you’re travelling, make sure you are up to date with all your vaccines (not just for Covid and the flu) at least six weeks before you go. This will ensure you receive all required doses if additional vaccines are required for adequate protection. Your Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist can advise and administer the appropriate vaccines before travelling to certain destinations. 
2. Check your medications. 
Not all medications are legal in every country. Check that your medication (prescribed and over the counter) is legal where you’re visiting and talk to your pharmacist about anything else you might need while you’re away. If you have any medication that needs to stay cold, prepare an insulated cooler bag with cold gel packs and carry it with you on flights. If you need a letter from your GP to verify your medications, please give yourself enough time to organise that before you go. 
3. Consider how your medical conditions will be affected. 
If you’re travelling long-haul and have a chronic condition, take the time to speak to your pharmacist about how you can optimise the management of these conditions while travelling. Have a checklist of things you may need to support you while you’re away from home. 
4. Take a first aid kit 
This is important for all travellers, but especially those travelling with young children who may be headed to isolated destinations without a hospital, doctor, or pharmacy nearby. Consider packing medications like ibuprofen and paracetamol as well as products for traveller’s diarrhoea if you are going on food adventures. Your pharmacist will be able to tailor a first aid kit to suit your travel itinerary so you can manage those small hiccups quickly and conveniently.  
5. Pack the basics 
While it might seem simple, so many people don’t pack holiday basics. Taking the time to pack these basic but important items will ensure you will be able to get the best out of your holidays, especially if you are traveling abroad to a foreign-language country. Do you have sunscreen, after sun and insect repellent? Don’t forget travel essentials such as hand sanitiser, face masks and COVID-19 RAT tests. 
Be prepared and speak to your local Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist to be ready for your next travel adventure!  

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Travel Healthy with Pharmacy 777