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Pharmacy 777 Parks In NSW


Pharmacy 777 Parks in NSW.  

Our Pharmacy 777 team is delighted to announce the official launch of Albion Park Pharmacy 777, our first pharmacy in New South Wales!

Located an hour and a half south of Sydney, the Albion Park pharmacy officially launched as part of the Pharmacy 777 network on 1st July 2019 with a new look and invigorated service offering to support the local community.

Although they have a new name, they have the same fantastic local team to take them forward, with their longest serving employee dating back to 1995. Pharmacists Greg Cadorin and Nick Karabeleski have been business partners since 2009, they purchased the pharmacy at Albion Park and now Maher Gergi is joining them as a partner for the first time.  The trio have worked together since 2016, when Maher came to the pharmacy as a highly recommended graduate. Nick was their lead Pharmacist in 2014 but for the last 4 years had been running their Warilla pharmacy. Now that he’s back again in Albion Park, Nick is looking forward to working with local patients again.

The Albion Park team are joining us in embracing our community focused culture. Proprietor and Pharmacist Greg Cadorin has been sharing his enthusiasm in joining the Group, “Pharmacy 777 concentrates on personalised care for patients and puts Pharmacist interaction with patients as top priority. 

We saw in Pharmacy 777 many of the principles of what we wanted to achieve for the business in this community being brought to fruition.  Together, we can benefit from the experience 777 have gained and get to the point of providing truly great quality personalised pharmacy services for our patients much more quickly than if we had decided to try and implement similar changes on our own.”

Pharmacy 777 Managing Director, Kim Brotherson is equally excited about what Albion Park has to offer, “Greg and the team have all the ingredients to further develop their patient health services including medication management, customised compounding solution, sleep apnoea therapy support and more. We look forward to seeing them continue to grow their community spirit and deliver personalised care to their patients.” 

Albion Park Pharmacy 777 team already has a passion for their local community and the advancement of pharmacy services. As a local Albion Park resident, Greg has been involved with the local schools, soccer club, netball club, and Anglican churches over the years.

Stephanie and Cary, their other two Pharmacists, are looking forward to expanding their roles in compounding which the pharmacy has recently implemented.

Together with both his Albion Park team and the support of the Pharmacy 777 team, Greg is ready to embrace the future, “The support to date has been invaluable and we look forward especially to the Pharmacist training and upskilling opportunities that being part of the 777 Brand will afford us.

For patients, this means we will be putting all our efforts into ensuring we provide them with personalised health solutions by leveraging the knowledge of our Pharmacists.  Patients should notice that they can speak directly with the Pharmacist much more often and that our whole focus is on their health.

This change will allow greater emphasis on our Pharmacist’s relationship with patients and there is also a culture of community support and engagement with Pharmacy 777 which is something that we want to embrace.”  


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Pharmacy 777 Parks In NSW