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Pharmacy 777 Celebrates 50th Anniversary


Reaching a 50 year milestone...

In 1962, astronaut John Glenn orbited the Earth and flew over Perth. We turned on our lights to acknowledge his mission and he observed that Perth was visible from space so it became known worldwide as the ‘City of Light’.

As Pharmacy 777 also marks its 50th Anniversary, that mission might have prompted Pharmacy 777’s original owner, Ken Hurst, to also turn on a light to answer the door even outside opening hours in order to offer great service to the local residents.

Today’s Chairman, Michael Dillon recalls Ken as a man with great drive and vision who opened the first store at 777 Canning Highway, Applecross – the address that lends it’s name to today’s family of stores. “Ken moved his family into the flat upstairs, and answered that door 7 days a week” Mr. Dillon said.

The 777 group has continued innovating and testing new boundaries, which has allowed the group to expand to a team of people with incredible talent and a culture that drives a collaborative focus on positive patient outcomes.

Mr. Dillon empahised that the last 50 years has seen the group go from strength to strength with many new partners joining the Pharmacy 777 Team, with the same passion and dedication born in 1962.

“Pharmacy 777 is a leader in the retail pharmacy area and was the first Pharmacy Group in Australia to be Quality Care Accredited. With an understanding of the principles and importance of accreditation, Pharmacy 777 prides itself on providing professional pharmacy services”, Mr. Dillon said.

There are now 25 pharmacies in the group across W.A. and Pharmacy 777 are developing their business in an effort to achieve the goal of being the most innovative pharmacy group in Australia for their level of customer service and care.

Perhaps it wasn’t just American astronaut John Glenn that saw the light 50 years ago.

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Pharmacy 777 Celebrates 50th Anniversary