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Funding for Type 1 Diabetes Service Keeps Families Connected


In support of last week’s Diabetes Week, Pharmacy 777 in partnership with Telethon have funded $10,000 for an important service offered by the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre. The centre’s CONNECT service provides crucial information and resources to the family and caregivers of children with type 1 diabetes.

Pharmacy 777’s Managing Director, Kim Brotherson, said the Pharmacy 777 Group was proud to Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre continue to serve the Western Australian type 1 community through the provision of vital social support, advocacy and practical information.

“Type 1 diabetes is a complex autoimmune condition that requires intense, round-the-clock management of insulin therapy, food intake, physical activity and monitoring blood glucose,” Mr Brotherson said. “CONNECT helps families to navigate the complexities of type 1 diabetes with confidence and we are honoured to make a difference for children and their carers.”

The CONNECT program is delivered online, face-to-face and through telephone support and operates 24/7.  In the past year alone, the Family Centre’s dedicated and knowledgeable team has delivered more than 1700 hours of community support while simultaneously managing tens of thousands of online engagements, ensuring families across Western Australia have answers to their diabetes questions and concerns.

Bec Johnson from the Family Centre said the organisation appreciates the support Pharmacy 777 provides for the vital CONNECT program.

“CONNECT helps children with type 1 diabetes to thrive and helps hundreds of families across WA. We know just how important it is for children with type 1 diabetes to achieve glycaemic management targets to prevent health complications like blindness, kidney disease, vascular disease and nerve damage, yet only 18% of children achieve these targets,” Ms Johnson said.

As one mum of a child with type 1 diabetes said: “We spent 5 years feeling isolated and misunderstood after diagnosis. The Family Centre has changed everything for us. The peer-support, community connection and information and advice we receive as a family has been life-changing – thank you.”

The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre is a long term Telethon Beneficiary, with close to $4 million in donations from the WA community being granted to the charity through since its incorporation in 2012. 





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Funding for Type 1 Diabetes Service Keeps Families Connected