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Community-centred approach winning for Pharmacy 777 Glengarry


The community is at the heart of 777 Glengarry.

The team at Pharmacy 777 Glengarry have been well recognised in their dedication to connecting with their local community.

Duncraig based Pharmacy 777 Glengarry has been celebrated this month at the national pharmacy awards on the Gold Coast, with Pharmacy 777 Glengarry awarded 2019 National Pharmacy of the Year in the category of Excellence in Community Engagement, Collaboration and Partnerships.

The award is in recognition of the Pharmacy 777 Glengarry team’s inclusive community engagement strategy, designed to encourage discussions around better health. This includes the pharmacy’s collaborative, professional service delivery which includes pain management, weight management, women’s health and wound care.

“We encourage openness and familiarity to work towards building trust and making life-long connections with our patients, their families and members of the extended community. We recognise no two patients are the same and so their needs are never the same.” said Proprietor Tina Pasyar.

These needs have encouraged the Pharmacy 777 Glengarry team’s focus on engagement outside of the pharmacy.

“We believe understanding their needs to ensure we are providing relevant services and building relationships with our local health care professionals is part of our duty of care for patients,” Ms Pasyar said, “We’re always updating our knowledge to serve the community to the best of our ability so we regularly review our local demographics to meet community needs and expectations.”

The area has a strong focus on women’s health and the pharmacy is at the forefront of this, including having services provided by two midwives from the pharmacy.

“We host a Mothers’ Group every week as well as having a close relationship with the local maternity hospital. Part of the strategy also incorporates strong support for community groups and schools. 

“In addition, we developed a medication management program to improve adherence and encourage health professional collaboration. We also have a free twice a day express delivery service to meet patient demand,” Ms Pasyar said.

“We congratulate the Pharmacy 777 Glengarry team on their fantastic achievement. Engaging the community to deliver meaningful health outcomes for patents is what the Pharmacy 777 Group stands for,” said Pharmacy 777 Managing Director, Kim Brotherson.

Ms Pasyar said the work of improvement is not over.

“It’s an ongoing process of innovation, implementation and revision to ensure we remain relevant and responsive. We are passionate about being more integrated with our communities – both within and outside the pharmacy walls.”

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For the past 20 years, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Pharmacy of the Year awards have been the undisputed benchmark for recognising excellence in the community pharmacy industry.

The awards, celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, aim to seek out highly motivated, innovative and adaptable pharmacy businesses that continuously strive to provide greater healthcare solutions in creative ways.



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Community-centred approach winning for Pharmacy 777 Glengarry