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Top praise for Pharmacy 777 Nollamara


Top praise for Pharmacy 777 Nollamara

The team at Pharmacy 777 Nollamara have received praise for their innovative style from none other than our very own Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull!

In his speech at the Pharmacy Guild’s Parliamentary Dinner, The Hon. Malcolm Turnball MP praised Pharmacy 777 Nollamara. The store - winner of the 2016 Pharmacy of the Year award - was celebrated at the Parliament House ceremony in Canberra last night, that brought together Federal Parliamentarians and members of the health care industry.

In a passionate speech, Mr Turnbull acknowledged “the role that community pharmacies and pharmacists play” and went on to thank Pharmacy 777 Nollamara for their “remarkable work” in primary health care.
Mr Turnbull also praised Swarup Afsar, owner of 777 Nollamara personally for his “energy and passion” and said that 777 Nollamara is “a great example of why we support pharmacies being owned by a pharmacist.”

Mr Turnbull also commented that the “work of Sam and his team, and thousands of pharmacists like them, show that the established community pharmacy model continues to serve Australians well.”

The Pharmacy 777 Nollamara team have embraced their local community and the response has been phenomenal. The store has hosted a range of community events throughout the year and continue to provide a wide range of services for their patients.

A recent street party to celebrate their Pharmacy of the Year win was attended by 450 patients from the local community, a testament to the dedication of Pharmacy 777 Nollamara team.

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Top praise for Pharmacy 777 Nollamara