Pain Relief & Support

Everybody hurts...


Each one of us, at some point, suffers from pain.

  • 1 in 5 Australians live with chronic pain including children

  • 1 in 3 for people over 65 years of age


From 1 February 2018, all medicines containing codeine require a prescription.   

But we’re right there with you.


Which medicines will be affected?

  • Paracetamol + codeine 500 mg + <15 mg  (eg. Panadeine®, Panadeine Extra®, Mersyndol®)
  • Ibuprofen + codeine 200 mg + < 15 mg  (eg. Nurofen Plus®, Panafen Plus®)
  • Aspirin + codeine 300 mg + <15 mg  (eg. Aspalgin®, Codis Disprin Forte®)
  • Cough and Cold medicines  (eg. Codral Original Cold & Flu®, Demazin Day & Night Cold & Flu®)


What is Codeine?

An opioid medicine, Codeine is used to treat mild to moderate pain. The medicine is safe for short term use in recommended doses but can lead to dependence if used long term or inappropriately.
The decision by the Government to make codeine prescription-only is to address issues of inappropriate use. 


We’re here to support you.

Please talk to your GP or 777 Pharmacist about how you can be supported to best manage your pain. We can provide advice regarding pain relief solutions uniquely suited to you.

Your 777 Pharmacist can also explore how pain impacts you and provide a personalised recommendation, while working together with your GP and other health care professionals. 

We’re committed to help you manage your pain relief.



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