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Diabetes Breakthrough Program Reviews

John H – Edgewater

“I got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, saw my doctor and started medication. I then found that Pharmacy 777 offered a diabetes service so I thought I’d give it a go. The genuine eagerness to help with the program was very pleasing. It’s life changing for me as I saw a marked change in my health.” (2011)

"I have been in really good health and the last time I went to see my Doctor he was amazed. I am no longer on any diabetes medication. The side benefits to managing type 2 diabetes is that some of my other ailments have improved as well – mental health, I’m thinking a lot clearer; my gout – I’ve still got all the medication still sitting in the cupboard, haven’t used it and the cramps were very very painful, I haven’t had any, so it’s a real benefit." (2012)


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“The result has been that the blood sugar levels have come down quite substantially. Now I’m having a problem with the blood sugar levels getting to low at times which I suppose is a good problem but what it means is the Doctor now after 3 weeks is actively considering amending my medication, cutting down on the amount of medication that I’m taking, which is great, so all in all I would say go for it. It’s a lifestyle change which could save your life, ultimately."




“The program has been fantastic I am coming up to my 3rd week, I’ve I have already lost 2kg. My blood sugar levels are down, my energies up. This has been the greatest thing I could possibly do."

Marie Claire - Bayswater

"I just started with the program about 2 weeks ago and I was about 93kg and I’m down to 90.4kg. My insulin dose has been reduced. I have really enjoyed the program.

James - Shoalwater

“I am eternally grateful for your wonderful support as you and your team assisted me greatly coping with my diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and how to manage the condition. More than the above, you and your team have always had time, patience, and showed great compassion towards me.”

Keith - Langford

"Thank you for your attentiveness, expertise and kindness in trying to turn around the diabetes epidemic and our individual eating habits. All your work will definitely pay dividends, regardless of immediate perceivable results."