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Quit Smoking with Pharmacy 777

What is the Quit-Smart Program?

Pharmacy 777 Quit-Smart™ is a pharmacist structured program for effective ongoing one-on-one intervention, designed to help you quit smoking.

Pharmacy 777 pharmacists provide this by:

  • Offering pharmacist consultations and follow-up
  • Using the most up-to-date information on nicotine replacement therapy
  • Offering motivational support i.e. client journal, coaching techniques
  • Performing regular checks to monitor your progress
  • Our pharmacists will explain the concept behind nicotine addiction,
  • Determining your nicotine dependency and then designing a personalized treatment regimen for you.

Benefits of the Quit-Smart program

  • One on one consultations for ongoing support and guidance
  • Carbon monoxide readings to monitor your progress
  • Health checks including BP, BMI and weight
  • Take home journal to help monitor your progress and any symptoms
  • You may be experiencing are reviewed with every consult
  • Handy hints to help you quit easier
  • Up-to-date information on smoking cessation treatments

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