Ultra Lite for health and weight management.


Ask our Naturopaths about Ultra Lite's positive results!

Not only is there weight loss benefits, but Ultra Lite offers the opportunity to learn healthy eating strategies that you can continue to practice long after competing the program. Positive lifestyle changes can provide many benefits, such as:

  • feeling less bloated
  • having more energy
  • sleeping better
  • and experiencing a decrease in cravings for carbohydrates
  • improved blood sugar levels and blood pressure

As a Naturopathic program, part of the support provided together with this weight loss program also includes monitoring levels of body fat, body water, visceral fat and muscle mass instead of just measuring the kilos. With this approach, our Naturopaths can offer comprehensive support while utilising their extensive Naturopathic knowledge.


Ultra Lite is the perfectly balanced program that works.

Weight loss programs that have the following elements are proven to be the most successful:

  • Nutritionally sound
  • Flexibility of food choice
  • Appetite satisfaction (no cravings or hunger)
  • Easy to stick to
  • Quick results that are worthy of celebrating
  • Long term health benefits (aside from weight loss itself)
  • Feeling of wellness and vitality while on the program
  • Educational and life transforming
  • Support and supervision for effective results
  • Safe and affordable

The program offers all this, and more!

By training the body to burn fat (ketosis) through the Ultra Lite program, you’ll not only have a lot more energy, but you’ll also be leaner and lighter in just weeks. 

Book a consultation to reach your health and weight goals in a supervised, supportive and healthy manner.

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