Flexi by Impromy

Boost your vitality while enjoying the pleasures of good food?


Ask us about Flexi by Impromy - a personalised program, flexible to your needs. 

  • The program combines higher protein meals, healthy snacks, meal replacements together with online support.
  • Rather than considering your kilojoule intake on a daily basis, Flexi considers it weekly. This means that each day can be approached differently and that by consuming less on some days you can allow for a ‘Flexi’ day to relax and enjoy foods you love. 
  • The Flexi Program integrates the knowledge and effectiveness of Impromy Program (clinically tested by the CSIRO) into a Nutritionally-Complete Intermittent Fasting approach. 
  • CSIRO clinical trials averaging 11% total weight loss over 16 weeks

Flexi Support includes

  • digital consultations
  • unique Flexi meal plan
  • online forum to support your journey
  • recipe book filled with exciting foods to enjoy

Flexi by Impromy is available at Pharmacy 777.

For more information about Flexi, please ask your Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist or click here for the Flexi website.

Not currently available at Darlington & Stirling Drive In