How we can help: Pharmacy 777 Sleep Apnoea Services

Pharmacy 777 have trained Pharmacists to assist in the set up of screening and testing equipment. Data collected for diagnosis is relayed to a Doctor who in turn determines the treatment options best suited for the client.

Follow these simple steps to help us help you:

Step 1 - Are you at risk?

Complete our quick Sleep Quiz to find out whether you are at risk. Print out your result and bring to the pharmacy or complete in-store.

Step 2 - Make an appointment

Make an appointment with your local Pharmacy 777 Pharmacist. Recommended if your Sleep Quiz score was 10 or over. At your appointment fill in the privacy consent form and hand it in.

During your appointment you will be instructed how to fit the screening device or be fitted with a diagnostic device and receive all the necessary information and paperwork required. (fees apply)

Any questions you may have can be discussed with your Pharmacist.

Step 3 – Home Sleep Screening and Testing

Go home with the screening device overnight and return the following day to drop it off at a time convenient to you. Your Doctor will be delivered a copy of the results to discuss treatment options if necessary.

Full Diagnostic Testing is available at selected stores:

Whitford City

Step 4 – Treatment of Sleep Apnoea and 777 Pharmacist Support

You will be contacted to discuss the diagnosis and treatment options when the results are ready.

Pharmacy 777 have a range of sleep apnoea machines, masks, parts and accessories available in-store. Ask our friendly staff to help you select the best machine and most suitable mask for you.

Our Pharmacy 777 Pharmacists also provide full after care and support services including:

  • Download of SD card
  • Review of information plus discussion with you to address any concerns
  • Check machine performance
  • Check of machine parts to see if any need replacement, ie. humidifier, filter
  • Advice on fitting a mask
  • Check of mask for wear and tear and if any part need replacement
  • 777 Pharmacist advice for better health