Turn around your Type 2 Diabetes

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Through collaboration with their Doctors and our Pharmacists, our patients have effectively improved the symptoms and associated health risks from their type 2 diabetes as well as their overal health and wellbeing.


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Discuss and seek advice on the best management of your Type 2 Diabetes.

Our Breakthrough Program will lead you through a 12 week transformation supporting you to combat the causes of your type 2 diabetes.   


With one on one support and follow up consultations, the program aims to embed behavioural change which will lead to:

  • getting you back to better health,
  • stabilising your blood sugar levels,
  • reducing your BMI,
  • decreasing your reliance on medication and
  • ultimately, improving your longevity.

Take action today and add years back to your life with a program that will breakthrough yourchallenges and get you healthy again!

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