Meet the Pharmacy 777 Team

Get to know your 777 team

  • Michael Dillon: Pharmacy 777 Founder

    Born the youngest of  six children  at St Anne’s Mt Lawley 3rd March 1943. Educated at Christian Brothers schools matriculating from CBC Perth which is now Trinity. After qualifying as a Pharmacist I worked in London for nearly three years returning to Perth in 1968, with my wife Janet and 6 month old daughter. I immediately began work at Pharmacy 777 Applecross and after many twists and turns I began expanding the group to where we are today.

    Janet and I now have four children and nine grand children some of whom are involved in the business. While the journey has been a long one it has always been exciting and different every day.

    I had a vision to create a pharmacy group which would become a household word in WA and look forward to where we can be tomorrow. I have always followed the adage “do what you love and success will follow” being part of the communities health care solution I have always found exciting and rewarding.

    In 2015, I was honoured to be awarded the City of Melville Mayor’s Valued Citizen Award and Melville Citizen of the Year and from the profession - The Eric Kirk Memorial Award.

    I have a keen interest in sport and have spent a lot of time yachting on the swan river, now I attempt to play golf, exercise, more importantly  enjoy our family and  friends and getting  away to our retreat in Mandurah. I have  always had an interest in mental health and have been involved in a Men’s Support group for many  years. I am inspired when I look at the group today and the family I have and pinch myself to think I started this.

  • Kim Brotherson: Pharmacy 777 Managing Director

    Partner since 1992.
    Family: Three beautiful girls and an exceptional wife.
    My initial introduction to Pharmacy 777 occurred by chance when I was struck down with hayfever as a young student studying for a science exam.

    Pharmacy 777 was the pharmacy that our family trusted so off I headed where I received expectational service and advice from the Pharmacist.  I decided then, at that moment, that a career in Pharmacy was the direction I wanted to head and I was successful in transferring into the Pharmacy course the following year.

    This experience is a reminder to me of the fact that even small, seemingly insignificant actions can have a dramatic impact on others.

    It is the tiny acts of kindness that our the 777 team perform on a daily basis that makes this organisation consistently outstanding.  

    Quality people working together in an innovative culture is certainly the optimal foundation for the future.


  • David Speak: Pharmacy 777 Director and Proprietor

    Born in West Australia 1961. I joined Pharmacy 777 in 1982 as a 2000 hours student. I was thrilled to start my career here because it was an icon in the local market for being innovative and testing boundaries. What I loved was the opportunity to “have a go”.  There were no barriers to testing new ideas and the people were truly inspirational. There was and still is a strong culture of doing the right thing by everyone and going the extra mile for our customers always.

    I travelled extensively basing myself in London for two years in 1984.  Working as a pharmacist in London made me appreciate how blessed we are to live in a country like ours. I am also proud to be an Australian Pharmacist as we have the best pharmacy service delivery to the community in the world.

    I became a partner at Pharmacy 777 in 1989 and I have formed many great personal and business relationships that have continued to grow.  We now have a team of people with incredible talent and a culture that drives a collaborative focus on positive patient outcomes.

    I feel my work life is very fulfilling as I am a part of a wonderful team of people that together are building an organisation that is great.
    Outside of work I am kept very busy with my wife and four children. We enjoy fishing, jet skiing, snow skiing and travelling during our holidays.

  • Greg MacKenzie: Pharmacy 777 Director and Proprietor

    Having left Scotch in 1975, I studied Pharmacy and began working at Pharmacy 777 in January 1977.

    I am still involved with the Pharmacy 777 Group in a Director's role and Pharmacy Ownership at Applecross, Karratha and Port Hedland. I'm honoured to share this ownership with some very capable and enthusiastic younger Pharmacy Owners who run the day to day operations.

    I married Sue in my final year of qualifying and have now been married for over 35 years, with three adult children; Amy, a primary teacher; Andrew who is a Pharmacist and married to Ife, another Pharmacist, and Tim, an accountant who recently moved to Sydney with his partner, Yasmin.

    After earlier years of establishing my career and businesses, I became involved with Ironman Triathlons completing 8 Ironman events, competing in New Zealand, Hawaii and Busselton. After a decade of this self indulgence, and with an understanding wife I have managed to reduce my sporting pursuits to Marathons, taking each year, one at a time. Recent success includes:

    • 2011 Uluru Half Marathon 3rd Overall
    • 2013 Uluru Marathon 3rd  Overall
    • 2015 Perth Marathon 2nd in Age Group
    • 2015 Airport Marathon Queensland 1st in Age Group
    • 2015 Perth City to Surf Half Marathon 3rd in Age Group

    We have been well travelled for holidays as a family, though this takes more juggling now as our children are finding their own way. Sue and I have several holidays already planned and many more places to visit in the next few years. I have taken up SCUBA in recent years travelling to Maldives and Galapagos enjoying some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. Snow skiing will always remain a challenge whilst my knees can still hold me, having recently returned from French Alps. Despite our travels we still love returning regularly to Dirk Hartog Island in Shark Bay for the fishing, snorkelling and fine eco-hospitality. Busselton is also our home away from home. With long standing business partners who indulge my life-plans, retirement is still some time in the future.

  • Nigel Krummel: Proprietor & Pharmacist/Manager at Pharmacy 777 Applecross

    Been with Pharmacy 777 since 1988, pharmacist since 1995, partner at Applecross since 2000. I love making a difference! Being able to positively influence the health of our customers so that they can live longer, more fulfilled lives. I have remained a part of Pharmacy 777 because I believe 777 intrinsically cares about the outcomes for their team and their customers.

    I started at Pharmacy 777 as a delivery boy, delivering medication to customers in the local area. After school each day I'd go to football or cricket training, after training I'd go to Pharmacy 777 to begin my work as the 'delivery boy'. It was from this point I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist. I saw the interaction the pharmacist had with each customer and how they made a difference to people's lives. It was about building a relationship with each person, letting them know that they can trust that their Pharmacy 777 pharmacist would provide the best health outcome for them.

    My family has lived in the Applecross area for over 30 years, they still do. It's where we grew up, where we learnt about life and where we have so many awesome memories. I love sport, any sport! I'll play it, watch it and talk about it. I am inspired by people who strive to do their best. The best in their profession, the best on the sporting arena, the best husband or wife they can be, the best parent to your children, the best support you can be to your friends. Life's too short not to do your best with every opportunity you get. You don't have to be the best, just give your best. Maybe that's why I love being in pharmacy. Giving your best to every single patient...now that makes a difference.

  • Greg Da Rui: Proprietor of Pharmacy 777 Bayswater & Glendalough

    I have been a Pharmacist for 30 years. I started my training at JP Inglis & Son in Bayswater in 1980 which is now Pharmacy 777 Bayswater and I am now a proprietor of. I’m also Proprietor of Pharmacy 777 Glendalough and partner in Pharmacy 777 Maylands. I have been with the Pharmacy 777 group since 1998.

    I love Pharmacy because we are one of the most trusted professions and the whole community comes to us for advice. I love being amongst a committed group of colleagues that all have the same core values which they live and work by. Pharmacy 777's values are centred around what's best for the patient hence why I believe we are one of the most respected Pharmacy groups.

    In all my 30 years of Pharmacy I have never had so many positive comments about our service from patients, some of which I have known for all of those 30 years. I have a wife and 2 teenage girls.

    My passion is to build a dedicated healthcare team that will do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional service to our patients. As a testament, Pharmacy 777 Maylands has achieved 2 runner-up awards in the Central Eastern Business District Small Business Awards in recognition of our commitment to service.

  • Tina Pasyar: Proprietor & Pharmacist at Pharmacy 777 Langford & Glengarry

    (Childhood nicknames: Tintin, tiny, tuna)
    I have been with the Pharmacy 777 group since 2004. My favourite sport is tennis and other hobbies include online shopping, kitchen chemistry, film critique. Growing up I always knew I wanted to become a pharmacist because I wanted to do something that would make a difference to people’s everyday lives, and now, this is what I get to do every day I come to work!

    Pharmacy 777 Rocks! It stands for everything I stand for. There is no other place I’d rather work. The most influential advice I’ve ever received was from my mother. She told me: “Never underestimate the power of a smile, a listening ear, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

  • Andrew Ngeow: Proprietor of Pharmacy 777 Midland

    I first started with Pharmacy 777 as a locum during 1994 and they consequently offered me my first full time job as a Pharmacist in late 1994.  I left the group for a sabbatical in 1995 for a year.  During this time, I travelled extensively visiting about 20 different countries on the way.  I was able to gain valuable experience working in several hospitals in England as well.

    Upon my return in 1996 I resumed my career with Pharmacy 777 at Whitford City where I honed my skills further until I bought my fist pharmacy, Midland, in April 1999.

    This followed purchases of Nollamara in September 2009 and South Lake in February 2011.  In amongst all this I also got married in 2001 and have got two beautiful boys born in 2002 and 2004.

    I love my sports watching almost any sport on TV.  I live by the rule "too much golf is never enough" and also play squash weekly to try and stay fit.

  • Robert Ayad: Pharmacist/Propietor/Branch Manager Whitford City, Clarkson & Connolly

    Been with the Pharmacy 777 Group since 1999. I love my staff and I love having fun, I believe we spend as much time at work as we do with our families, sometimes more, so we should enjoy that time as much as we do our free time and involve our patients in that fun too.

    I like working with a professional group of colleagues who are here to run successful business by furthering the profession and increasing our profile and value to the community.

  • Storm Meacock: Co-owner of Pharmacy 777 Maylands

    My name is always a topic of interest so I will clear this up - No I was not born in a storm - My Mum really liked the name and probably my dad had no say in it! I have been with Pharmacy 777 since 1996 as a Pharmacy student and moved on to then manage and then own. I have loved working with Pharmacy 777 because as a student I didn't see another group doing it better and now I love it mostly because of the culture and a feeling of being a part of something really great.

    I can honestly say I love my job - I love connecting with people and hearing their stories and trying to make a difference.

    My biggest passion however is for my amazing family. I have a husband who supports me totally and 2 beautiful daughters who delight me every day. I also have fantastic parents and mother in law who have helped facilitate me juggling kids and work.I also can't forget my dog Maxi  who is always waiting for a cuddle at the end of the day.

  • Swarup Afsar: Proprietor of Pharmacy 777 Nollamara, South Lake & Shoalwater

    I have been working as a Pharmacist since 2007 in Perth WA.

    I became a business owner in 2008 and am currently involved with the Pharmacy 777 Group. I am a passionate individual who relies on Focus, Innovation and Consistency as core values in Pharmacy practice. I have always treated Pharmacy as a Health Centre and am an advocate of pharmacies providing 'health outcome based' professional services to the Australian population.

    We have developed various Professional Services in-store to cater for our local community - Mental Health Service being one of the most unique and highlighted one amongst them.

    I was fortunate to be awarded UTS Innovative Pharmacist of the Year in 2015 and our Nollamara team was rewarded the prestigious Guild Pharmacy of the Year 2016. Besides pharmacy, I am a passionate cricket fan and a mad St Kilda supporter!