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Packaging for your medication

What is a Medicine Pack?

A Medicine Pack, (also known as webster pack, dose administration aid, or blister pack),  contains individually sealed compartments to help you remember when to take the right medicine at the right time. It will also:

  • Help you manage your medicines better
  • Reduce the chance of forgetting to take your medicine
  • Reduce the chance of taking your medicine incorrectly

Mistakes with your medicines may lead to serious health problems and hospital admission for medication mix-up. A webster pack can help reduce the likelihood of these things happening.

Who should use a Medicine Pack?

Please ask your Pharmacist if this service will be suitable for you.

How do I get my medication dispensed in a pack?

The easy way to take multiple medications is to have a Pharmacist put together a Medicine Pack for you. The pack shows you when to take your dose at regular intervals and allowing a Pharmacist to sort this out reduces the risk for adverse drug interaction.